Plastic in the Arts Isn't Normal

P.A.I.N. is a campaign to de-normalise the use of "disposable" plastic in the arts - and to normalise avoiding its use.

"Single-Use" plastic is used briefly - as plastic bottles, plates, packaging - then discarded to float in the world for centuries. As it breaks up it floats into the sea, water and air - and into many living species,including us. The global situation is now critical. But of the many complex challenges humans face, this is one of the simplest to resolve - solutions do exist, ready to be embraced.
So-called "disposable" plastic is actually avoidable plastic.

• A project supported by SPIN and launched by the spontaneously-created first batch of Ambassadors of P.A.I.N.)

Why the arts?

Avoidable, single-use plastics are normalised throughout society. P.A.I.N. is driven by people who work in the arts and want to clean up plastic use in their field. If the arts are championed as ‘factories of possibility’, where alternatives can be imagined – it makes no sense that single-use plastics are still normal there.

How will it happen?

P.A.I.N. is an ever expanding network of individual arts professionals who we call Ambassadors of P.A.I.N. (this could be you!). Ambassadors of P.A.I.N. work with a simple, collective toolkit of demands and solutions that make changes and spread awareness wherever P.A.I.N.ful situations are encountered.

P.A.I.N. also offers these tools to institutions and organisations who know P.A.I.N. and feel the need for change.

What if I have more questions?

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