Become an AMBASSADOR of P.A.I.N.

Are you working in the arts as an artist, producer, educator, technician, curator, writer, intern or other art-worker?
Do you travel between different arts-events and contexts nationally or internationally?
Do you know P.A.I.N. and feel the need for change?
Do you want to become an Ambassador of P.A.I.N.?

Ambassadors of P.A.I.N. are an ever-expanding network of individual arts professionals whose mission is to de-normalise the use of “disposable” (i.e. avoidable) plastics. As professionals they use their influence, voice and working-practices to encourage institutions and colleagues to eliminate the use of these plastics.

Ambassadors of P.A.I.N. are ready to do this in overt and subtle ways - via their technical riders and contracts, via private conversations and questions, and via the public platforms where they have visibility. They are informed and positive agents of change, equipped with the solutions and tactics to spread knowledge, request change and manage conflicts with those who remain plastic-fixated…

Ambassadors of P.A.I.N. integrate these ambassadorial duties into their current practice in creative ways, and to the extent that they are able – some do it by stealth, others by charm, and some with full trumpets and sharpened weapons.

Want to take action as an AMBASSADOR of P.A.I.N.?
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